Testimonials for "got cancer?" (spring break gone bad)

Cancer Survivors' and Other Readers' Reviews

got cancer? spring break gone bad by James Gaudio



"Reading the book made me feel like I was there, and I was very impressed by the marital relationship." Pam (Nurse)

"I saw a love story in it. I really liked Chapter 12." Sandy (Housewife & Hobbyist)

"I suppose saying I enjoyed it wouldn't be quite right considering the topic, but it was great. I could just picture Gaudio sitting across from me telling me the story. And what a love story to his wife." Randi (Finance Management)

"I thought it was very good & very well written! It was the kind of book that made me want to keep reading – it was hard to put it down! To me, that ’s a good book!" Jane (Tech Support)

"I like the way he treated Eva [his wife]". Shirley (Great Grandmother)

"Gaudio's an excellent story teller." Don (Electrical Engineer & Businessman)

"It was an easy read, and I liked that." Debbie (Nurse)

"I found it difficult to put down, even when I knew I should put the light out." Bud (Businessman)

"The book captivated me. I had to know what was coming next. Gaudio's manner of relating his personal journey makes you feel as if you are accompanying him on that journey, sharing both the pain and the ultimate triumph." Brian (Attorney)

"I was amazed at all he [Gaudio] went through...his recounting of his ordeal was very clear and well written." Sharon (Business Management)

"It [the book] did give a positive twist in dealing with a very negative subject." Adelaide (Housewife & Professional Woman)

"I couldn't put it down. This book tells how one man's disease affected many lives. He won a hard fight because he had all the right players on his team." Vicki (Quality Control, Manufacturing)

"Life can catch us off-guard, and if it is cancer, that is exceptionally difficult. Jim is a straight-shooter and I love this book because he speaks directly from his heart." Susan (Graphic & Web Designer)

"We read it as a wonderful love story, demonstrating the sincere appreciation and dedication that Gaudio and his wife share together." Juan & Barbara (Teachers, Ret.)