Book Sample: "got cancer?" (spring break gone bad)


Front cover of got cancer? spring break gone bad by James J. Gaudio     Back cover of got cancer? spring break gone bad by James J. Gaudio

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The following are excerpts from my book.

"I caution [my students] that going bald is one thing…Baldness is a matter of vanity. Cancer is a matter of life and death." read more >>

Chapter 1: Signals from the Stairs
"The stairs were telling me something, but I did not want to listen." read more >>

Chapter 4: The C–Word Lurks
"…'can you [doctor] give me some kind of feel for the chances of the tumor being malignant? Fifty-fifty?  Better (for me)?  Worse?'…'No.  I can’t,' broke his [doctor’s] silence." read more >>

Chapter 6: Monday, Monday.   So Good to Me?
Having to admit such a thing…"would have made me very insecure at facing the prospect of my life being soon over.  No such admission was necessary." read more >>

Chapter 7: The Shakies
"I had never heard of the shakies, but I knew instantly that I had them… So, I answered, 'The shakies.'" read more >>

Chapter 8: Friday the 13th
"Such a wonderful turn of events had me thinking that I could leave the hospital, once discharged, concerning myself with recovering from the surgery and nothing more." read more >>

Chapter 10: Sunday Was the Last Time
"Sunday was the last time we would ever see Gerry…Life being what it is, Eva and I had no way of knowing Gerry’s fate." read more >>

Chapter 11: Goin' Home I'm Dreamin'
"'Reasonable daily living,' he [surgeon] began, 'must become the guiding principle in your recovery.'…I logically considered that reasonable daily living covered sex, too…"

Chapter 12: Bare Naked Thoughts
"On occasion, I have thought, 'Don't talk to me about your medical problems. If you don’t have cancer, you’re a piker'…But I would remind myself that we all have our troubles…"