Book Sample - "got cancer?" (spring break gone bad)

An excerpt from "got cancer? spring break gone bad" by James J. Gaudio,
a book about surviving cancer and finding strength.

Chapter 7: The Shakies

When I regained consciousness in the recovery room, I recall lying on my right side and shaking violently. It seemed as if I was lying on the surface of some sort of contraption designed to shake someone until his or her teeth rattled. Additionally, my mouth felt as if every molecule of water had vacated. In fact, the dryness was excessive to the extent that I had difficulty forming words. Nonetheless, I was able to call out, "I'm shaking." I must have assumed someone was present to hear me because I saw no one. The truth is I cannot even recall if my eyes were open at the time.

A woman’s voice replied, "Do you have the chills or the shakies?"

I had never heard of the shakies, but I knew instantly that I had them, and not the chills. So, I answered, "The shakies."

Again, the same woman's voice: "Then it is the drugs. You’re coming off the drugs. You'll be OK in a little while."

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