Book Sample - Sunday Was the Last Time from Got Cancer, Spring Break Gone Bad

An excerpt from "got cancer? spring break gone bad" by James J. Gaudio,
a book about surviving cancer and finding strength.

Chapter 10: Sunday Was the Last Time

...Gerry was a big guy who walked with a gait that reminded me of James Arness and John Wayne. His manner of walking was not identical to either man's, but contained components of both. We watched Gerry as he neared and, ultimately, entered his truck. He cranked the engine, causing his old mule to noticeably shudder, and then he began to urge it backward out of its stall. Once properly aligned in the lot's traffic lane, Gerry and his mount sauntered toward the west exit of the parking lot.

Sunday was the last time we would ever see Gerry.

He was the one in "ten thousand" to whom I made reference in a previous chapter.

Life being what it is, Eva and I had no way of knowing Gerry's fate. Accordingly, we continued onward through Sunday in high spirits.

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