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Perhaps you are someone with a connection to cancer. A patient? A survivor? A caregiver? If so, please view a sampler of my book "got cancer? (spring break gone bad)." The book is written to be a quick and easy read, but one leaving lasting impressions. In it, I describe how I went from wondering why I had been feeling so strange to knowing why.

got cancer? spring break gone bad by James J. Gaudio

As it turned out, the cause of my troubles was a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), a rather rare cancer.  You, too, may have been diagnosed with a GIST. My tumor lay hidden and bleeding in my small intestine. My fight against this intruder was two-pronged, involving surgery and a targeted drug therapy (imatinib mesylate or GLEEVEC).

Many people are fighting, have fought or will fight cancer. Even though many must fight the fight, each person’s cancer story is distinct. Often, a battle with cancer is an individual’s self-portrait of his or her willingness to persevere. The patient, as artist, quite likely uses the oils of hope, faith, humor and love, among others, in creating the portrait, a portrait meriting the title of Courage.

I don’t know your circumstance relative to a struggle with cancer, but maybe "got cancer?" will provide you and yours with a modest amount of encouragement. Indeed, I remind you that surviving cancer happens, increasingly it seems, often allowing for the development of a deeper personal insight and a certain type of peace along the route.

James J. Gaudio